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"They sure have helped me and are always polite, I am always satisfied with the very nice techs"

Linda Terry, CA

" I'm always grateful for the help and optimization performed by these friendly technicians"

Jeffrey Earl, VA

"Best internet remote service available. Polite, professional and knowledgeable."

Judith Clark, MI

"Fair price, quick, efficient and professional, you could not ask for more than that."

Mike Simpson, FL

"Very good and professional service. I recommended Sid o anybody who has problem with their PC."

Melvin Q, PA

Fix Slow Computer

Are you suffering from a slow PC problem? Is your computer taking too long to respond to your clicks and commands? Is it booting slowly and wasting a lot of your time by making you wait?

You are not the only one who has experienced this slowness. Computers have the unfortunate reputation of getting slower as they "soft-age". This has got nothing to do with the actual age of your computer. This is more about the computer resources getting hit because of inappropriate maintenance.

Performance Tuning

We can help you by running our tools for collecting long-standing garbage from all the sections of your computer, such as applications, caches, firewalls and storage. There are resource realignments, storage defragmentation and reallocation, registry clean-up and application performance tuning processes, all of which will help your Fix Slow Computer process.

Online Technical Support for Slow PC Fix

To fix slow computer responses, we shall deploy our complete toolkit for fixing your slow PC online, without intruding into your privacy. The toolkit is a conglomeration of rich applications that will methodically and thoroughly investigate the hardware and software components of your computer. At the end of the analysis process, it will create a summary of the investigation that will be used in the next step.

The Actual Clean-up

Once we have the list of things slowing down your computer, we shall start the clean-up process with your permission. If you require, we will be happy to present you with the set of problems that are slowing down the performance of your computer. The clean-up will be complete and thorough, and conducted fully online from our technical support center over the Internet.

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