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"They sure have helped me and are always polite, I am always satisfied with the very nice techs"

Linda Terry, CA

" I'm always grateful for the help and optimization performed by these friendly technicians"

Jeffrey Earl, VA

"Best internet remote service available. Polite, professional and knowledgeable."

Judith Clark, MI

"Fair price, quick, efficient and professional, you could not ask for more than that."

Mike Simpson, FL

"Very good and professional service. I recommended Sid o anybody who has problem with their PC."

Melvin Q, PA

Virus Removal Service

Get 100% reliable and friendly help right now for guaranteed results. Getting online virus removal services at iRepair.net is exceptionally easy and simple. With your permission, we will log on to your computer to remotely repair it while you sit back and relax.

Common Symptoms of Computer Virus Infection:

We can remove all the viruses from the computer for a flat fee of $69.99 and any issues caused by viruses

  • Contant pop ups while browsing internet.
  • Ads appearing everytime.
  • Redirecting to new websites.
  • Inability to close internet pages.
  • Error warning with toll free number to call.
  • Extremely slow computer performance.
  • Registry errors messages.
  • Slow computer startup.
  • Unable to download files
  • Errors regarding proxy settings.
  • Unable to access internet.
  • Presence of unknown softwares

If your computer is encountering any or all of the above issues mentioned above we can help you with it for a flat fee of $69.99

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